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Date: 08/12/2022

Rawstone just got a little greener! 🌳🌱

We are very proud to announce that we obtained the FSC Chain-of-Custody certificate!

This is a big step ahead for a greener future and for a more sustainable board game industry. From now on, our partners can ask for more eco-friendly alternatives to plastic. 

We are then able to provide wooden and paper components, boxes and packaging that come from sustainable resources.

Namely, we can ensure one or more of these labels, to be added to your board game box: 

  • FSC 100%: using wood and paper coming from FSC-controlled and certified forests and mills. 
  • Recycled: using raw materials 100% recycled to ease the pressure of harvesting new wood. 
  • Mix: a mixture of the above-mentioned materials and controlled wood. 

Discover more on FSC-certified materials on FSC.org

…or contact us for questions & quotations!

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