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Date: 7/Nov/2023

Our First Lucca Comics: A Glimpse into Italy's Vibrant Comic and Gaming Scene

Amidst the enchanting medieval streets of Lucca, Italy, we recently immersed ourselves in the vibrant world of Lucca Comics, a captivating fusion of comics, gaming, and pop culture. As we wandered around its tiny streets, the city surprised us with a unique blend of established favourites and hidden gems.

While the fair’s primary focus are comics and role-playing games, it didn’t forget about the board game world, dedicating a whole pavillion to our main passion.  Despite its niche status, the board game section buzzed with activity, attracting enthusiasts and newcomers alike. We engaged in lively discussions with fellow board game aficionados, exchanging recommendations and insights into the latest releases.

But the fair was much more than that: the streets were packed with cosplayers dressed up as iconic characters and their elaborate costumes were so spot on that real life and fictional world were hard to distinguish.

Despite its focus on comics and gaming, Lucca Comics showed off the rich cultural heritage of Lucca, a city steeped in history and tradition. The fair’s ancient palazzi and churches, provided a captivating stage to the fair. As we walked through the streets, we couldn’t help but admire the city’s intricate architecture and the artistry evident in every corner.

Our first Lucca Comics experience left an indelible mark, igniting our passion for Italian comics, gaming, and culture. And while this fair ends, we can’t wait to attend the next one, a few months away: Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg, Germany, where we hope to delve further into the world of board games and discover new treasures.

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