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Kickstart your board game in China!

Exporting your game abroad is an excellent way to grow your business and fanbase.
But it can get very challenging as the cultural distance broadens.

That’s what we’re here for!

With over 100 games successfully localised in China, we will assist you and guide you through every step of the process: from translation to marketing and distribution.


Gaining royalties
on Chinese sales


The most popular formula we have used so far, is based on royalties: you will gain an agreed percentage per box, based on net sales. Then, we will take care of translating and promoting your game to our backers and partners. Speaking of translating…

Your game needs to be translated? Let us take care of that!

Our translators are first and foremost core players too! Besides, they have many years of experience in translating board games, even the most language-dependent ones e.g. “Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective”.
Your English documents can either be converted into Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese, depending on your preferred audience.

Ariel Yu

Cory hu

Brian Wang

Do you have more questions about the localisation process?
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