Rawstone Games

A bit about who we are, where
we came from and where we're going

What we do

We are a board game publisher. We localise games for Chinese market and we support our partners to develop their business in China by taking care of production, sales, distribution and shipping. Our business strategy relies on Precise Translations, Quality Control and Effective Marketing.

Our story

The idea of expanding the board game community in China came in 2014. Originally, our firm was called Enjoy Game, but later on we completely rebranded the business, which is today known as Rawstone Games.

Our approach

Our marketing team always checks for trending games around the world. Then we partner with publishers to take the best quality products to China, keeping our customers satisfied. We can also provide high-quality manufacturing, alongside brand management, sales, promotions and delivery.

Our mission

We are a group of people who share the same passion for board games. We aim at creating the largest chinese-speaking board game community and expanding the game culture by breaking the language barrier.

Our team
from all over the world

Jade Wang

Founder & CEO



Rifle Fang

Co-Founder & CFO

Sebastian Wu

Sales manager

Simon Cui

Production manager

Vivian Wang

Production assistant

Kong Zhao

Lead graphic design

Lupin Zhang

Graphic designer

Shine Ma

Finance manager

Ariel Yu


Cory hu


Oko Gu

Operation Manager

Brian weng


Bree guevara

Business Development Representative

Jeremy Howard

Business Development Manager

Flower wang

Marketing manager (Offline Mktg)

Annalisa D'Onofrio

Web designer

Crystal tanner

Business Development Representative

carolina esposito

Digital Marketing Specialist