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Cartaventura: Caravanes


In this new episode of Cartaventura, players build their journey using cards providing various choices. Cartaventura provides games set in diverse historical periods, each meticulously recreated. Players are engrossed in history through elaborate scenarios and watercolor illustrations reminiscent of travel literature.
An accompanying historical booklet, authored by specialists, provides supplementary information. Cartaventura includes a tutorial for the initial game. Its uncomplicated and innovative game mechanics enable players to explore the scenario multiple times, unveiling all the game’s secrets. Armed with newfound knowledge and diverse choices, players can optimize their adventure to uncover all possible endings.



1331, Tangier. You have traveled a thousand times around your province in the wake of your merchant father. Your cousin Mohamed, explores the vast world; his letters make you dream of marvelous countries and legendary sultans. When his father falls ill, you decide to go in search of him.
The infinite East opens its arms to you, at last.” Will you triumph over mountains and deserts? Will you escape from bandits and pirates? Will you become a rich merchant or a humble fakir? Will you be able to win over the Mongolian khans and the rajas of India? Will you find the trail of your elusive cousin, whom history will remember as the world’s greatest traveler?



30-60 min