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€uro Crisis


€uro Crisis is an engaging strategic and satirical board game designed for 3-4 players, delving into the complexities of the financial crisis in Europe. Participants step into the roles of banks, strategically maneuvering to accumulate wealth at the cost of nations grappling with economic challenges.



Each game spans three years, divided into four quarters. In each quarter, players simultaneously choose and resolve actions in turn order. One such action involves borrowing money from the European central bank to lend it in another move to struggling states, capitalizing on advantageous interest rates, especially when a state is on the brink of financial collapse. However, players must remain vigilant, considering the possibility of a state needing to restructure its debts.
With your earnings, you can invest in gold and weapons. Gold is essential for bidding on privatizations of state property—the only asset guaranteed to hold significant value by the game’s end. Weapons can serve a dual purpose: defending your privatizations from an enraged mob or gifting them to upstanding citizens, potentially transforming a recently privatized bank back into public ownership. Lastly, excelling as a lobbyist is crucial to influencing the government and securing the reforms you desire.



90 min