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“Oathsworn” is a game for 1-4 players that blends narrative choices with intense miniature combat. Set in the perilous Deepwood, players take on the role of the Oathsworn, a Free company battling against monstrous horrors to ensure humanity’s survival. Each session unfolds through a multi-path game book, leading to inevitable encounters where the story’s twists and turns shape the players’ journey. The rich narrative experience deepens as players progress through a legacy campaign, gaining levels, loot, and allies to aid them in their quest.



Gameplay in “Oathsworn” centers around tactical, multi-phase boss fights on the encounter board, where players must outwit AI-driven enemies. The combat system features a unique push-your-luck mechanic with exploding dice, challenging players to balance the risk of hitting harder against the chance of missing. Additionally, the ‘Battleflow’ cooldown system adds a layer of strategic depth, ensuring that each play session is vibrant and engaging. As players navigate through encounters, they level up and collect loot, enhancing their capabilities and enriching the overall campaign experience.



30-90 min