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Super-Skill Pinball: 4-Cade


The 4-Cade comes with four different tables, each with its own unique art and challenges. In “Carniball”, the intro table, you shoot ducks, pop balloons, and ring the bell in the test of strength! In “Cyberhack”, steal data from an evil corporation and earn Hacks to help you when you activate the RUN mini-game. In “Dance Fever”, return to the 1970s with lots of spinner action as you try to manage the main playfield and a mini-pin at the same time. In “Dragon Slayer”, take on the role of a young wizard and defeat enemies for big bonuses; hit drop targets to level up, and learn new spells that let you manipulate the dice and trigger bonuses like multiball.



“Super-Skill Pinball: 4-Cade” by Geoff Engelstein takes the classic arcade experience to the tabletop with engaging art, atmosphere, and roll-and-write gameplay. Players select one of four unique pinball tables, each with a matching backglass for scorekeeping. Roll a pair of dice, choose one of the results, and strategically maneuver your pinball, aiming for bumpers, spinners, or the level below. Reach the lowest level and use flipper rolls to return to the top. Unlock bonuses like multiball and score multipliers to achieve the highest score.



30 min