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Date: 7/07/2023 

DiceCon 2O23: a fair for gamers!

We say goodbye to one of the most hectic board game fairs in China.
We loved to see the faces of the people who stand behind our successes on Modian campaigns. This year, we aimed to give back to them by adding an extra layer of enjoyment to our booth! And that’s exactly what we accomplished by introducing engaging mini-games, thrilling drafts, and exciting giveaways. All of these efforts were a gesture of our gratitude towards the community.
Some participants won so many gadgets and games that we had to give out carts to help them carry everything :linguaccia_occhi_chiusi:
The Rawstone bear roamed around the fair, spreading affection and warmth as it greeted everyone, from kids to adults. We say goodbye to this fair, hoping customers had as much fun as we did.

Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate DiceCon 2024 and the chance to see you all again next year!

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